Degree Programs

  • The conservatory offers both Bachelor's and Master's programs in both performance and pedagogy.
  • Most students choose to complete their Master's in Performance. Only English is required. For other programs, students must speak Italian.
  • A typical Master's degree program lasts two years.

Playing Opportunities

  • The university requires a certain amount of ensemble playing as part of the degree.
  • This includes chamber music, period ensembles, and full orchestra requirements.
  • The majority of ensemble playing occurs through the 'Project' system, as outlined below.


  • Rather than regular weekly ensembles, the school hosts a significant number of 'projects'.
  • These projects range from repertoire orchestra, to a full orchestra concert, to a series of lectures and performances of baroque music.
  • Often, the conservatory brings in highly esteemed outside clinicians to give students a unique perspective and experience.
  • Projects typically last for one week.


  • The conservatory building is a renovated older building. As such, it features big rooms and hallways, with a beautiful exterior and updated, modern interior.
  • Students can reserve any room for practice, there are no designated 'practice rooms'. This is done either via the office or through an online portal.
  • Studio rooms and practice rooms are spacious with lots of natural light. Every room has a regularly tuned piano.

More Information

  • For more information about the conservatory, or to check out a live stream, visit the school website!  CLICK HERE