Daily Life

Lugano is a lakeside city in Southern Switzerland, only a short distance from the Italian border. The areas closest to the lake consist of urban shopping and business districts, with the further areas consisting of the bulk of the residential districts. Lugano is fairly typical for a mid-sized urban city, albeit at a much more leisurely pace than similar cities in the United States.

The weather is quite pleasant year-round, with warm summers and beautiful snowy winters. Lugano is notably the warmest city in all of Switzerland.

Students will have easy access to all services they would expect, with cheap public transportation to get to places such as supermarkets and department stores. The buses run throughout most of the city and are very reliable, making travel within Lugano easy. The conservatory is only a short bus ride from the central station of Lugano.

Travel Opportunities

Switzerland is a small country, bordered by Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. As such, it is very easy and fast to travel to many European countries. Within Europe, transportation (even plane flights) are much cheaper than one might expect. Lugano is only about 30 minutes away from the Italian border, and as such it is very easy and affordable to go to Italy.

It is typical for students in the horn class to seek out and take auditions for orchestral jobs in other countries.

Likely, a new student will only need to purchase a bus pass for the city, which costs approximately $30 USD per month. Occasionally, if students plan to do a lot of travel outside of the city, there exists a half-fare card.